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For something to be parsed as tough-movement, there must be an infinitival clause which is the complement of BE, the subject of BE is interpreted as the subject of the infinitival clause, and the matrix clause also contains an adjective which is *not* actually predicated of the subject of BE. See PPCME2,PPCEME guidelines.

Note that we have parsed the following construction as tough-movement because it meets the above criteria, EVEN THOUGH WE ARE NOT SURE OF THE CORRECT ANALYSIS FOR IT:

                                (NP (N-MSDIC átroðningi-átroðningur)
				    (CONJ eða-eða)
				    (N-MSDIC slægjubletti-slægjublettur)
				    (, ,-,)
				    (CP-REL (WNP-2 0)
					    (C-R sem-sem)
					    (IP-SUB (NP-SBJ *T*-2)
						    (ADJP (ADJ-NSNSP vant-vanur))
						    (BEP-IA3SP er-vera)
						    (CP-TMC (WNP-3 0)
							    (IP-INF (NP-SBJ *T*-3)
								    (TO að-að)
								    (BE-TA vera-vera)
								    (NP-PRD (N-FSNIC hneykslunarhella-hneykslunarhella)
									    (NP-POS (NS-MPGIC nágranna-nágranni)))))

Also, the following examples:

( (IP-MAT (NP-SBJ (PRO-A hann))
	  (BEPI er)
	  (ADVP (ADV nú))
	  (NEG ekki)
	  (ADJP (CP-TMC (WNP-1 0)
			(IP-INF (NP-OB1 *T*-1)
				(TO að)
				(VB fá)
				(PP (P í)
				    (NP (N-D heim$) (D-D $inum))))))
	  (. ,-,)))
( (IP-MAT (CONJ og)
	  (NP-SBJ *con*-A)
	  (BEPI er)
	  (ADVP-TMP (ADV nú))
	  (NEG ekki)
	  (ADJP (CP-TMC (WNP-1 0)
			(IP-INF (NP-OB1 *T*-1)
				(TO að)
				(VB finna)
				(PP (P í)
				    (NP (N-D veröld$) (D-D $inni))))))
	  (. .-.)))