I teach classes at the University of Iceland, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Topics include linguistics-oriented material like Distributed Morphology, Sociolinguistics (or the study of variation and change, more generally)  as well as technology-oriented material like Treebanks and Formal Linguistics.

Some of my current and recent teaching activities are described below.

Anton Karl Ingason

Current and recent classes

  • Treebanks (MLT302F)

    In the Treebanks class, students develop skills required to build, analyze and take advantage of treebanks, with a focus on IcePaHC and phrase structure analysis in the tradition of the Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English. (Graduate Level)

    Sample lecture (in Icelandic, CC-BY license):

    The class is an appropriate choice both for students of Linguistics and Language Technology.

  • Distributed Morphology (ÍSL447G)

    In the Morphology class, students learn about the phenomena that morphologists are concerned with, including Contextual Allomorphy and Syncretism, and they receive training in using the tools of Distributed Morphology to study such phenomena systematically. (Undergraduate Level)

    Sample lecture (in Icelandic, CC-BY license):

  • Introduction to formal linguistics (ÍSM705F)

    This course introduces formal mathematical tools which can be used to analyze natural language. These tools include set theory, logic and formal languages. We discuss the relationship between such tools and natural languages in the context of language technology and theoretical syntax and semantics. (Graduate Level)

  • Volatile language in an contemporary melting pot (ÍSL458M)

    In this class, we emphasize what is unique about the present time in history with respect to variability in human language. This uniqueness involves both new linguistic phenomena and new research methods. (Undergraduate and Graduate Level; co-taught with Lilja Björk Stefánsdóttir in 2020)

  • Automatic Language Correction (MLT801F)

    In this course we discuss language correction in the context of Language Technology. For example, we study the most common types of errors that are commonly corrected in proofreading of Icelandic text as well as various controversial issues surrounding the question of what counts as proper language usage. (Graduate Level; co-taught with Einar Freyr Sigurðsson and Hulda Óladóttir in 2020)