Quirky Case

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We have oblique subjects of known quirky-case-verbs annotated as NP-SBJ on the phrase level, with case only indicated on the word level (extended, dash pos-tags).

We do *not* use (NP-SBJ *exp*) for the oblique subjects of known quirky-case verbs, in contrast to the PPCEME,PPCME2 or YCOE, which do not annotate any oblique experiencer NPs as subjects.

For known quirky-case-verbs, the annotation is the same for Old Icelandic and modern Icelandic (for the sake of consistency and to facilitate easier searching), even though this may *not* be the correct analysis for these NPs in Old Icelandic.

We annotate oblique subjects of passives as subjects, as well as subjects of passives of progressives, even if there is no past participle, as in the following example.

	  (NP-SBJ (PRO-G þess))
	  (BEPI er)
	  (VAG leitanda))

This is like the Early Modern English "The bags were carrying down the stairs" (meaning "The bags were being carried down").