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Manual checking only

1. Have you checked pos-tags?

     a. If "það" appears, is it "ES" or "PRO"?

2. Have you checked lemmas?

3. Before beginning to parse a new file, right after preprocessing, use text editor to check:

   b. "er" for C or BEPI
   c. "mikill", "margur", "lítill" are Q
   d. "að"
   e. "svo"

Sanity checked by automatic queries

1. Does every finite (non-gapped) IP have a subject?

2. Are all argument NPs (i.e. NP-SBJ, NP-OB1, NP-OB2) dominated by IP?

3. Does every CP dominate an IP?

4. Are all IP-level constituents of an appropriate type for the IP?

(i.e. if bare ADJP occurs at the IP level, then the main verb must be a copular verb, e.g. VERA, VERÐA, HEITA)