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          <rev user="Einarfs" timestamp="2010-07-06T13:50:12Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">This is the wiki for the '''Icelandic Parsed Historical Corpus (IcePaHC)'''. It is mostly used to document the annotation standard for those constructing and using the corpus. The annotation scheme is meant to be mostly compatible with [ the Penn historical corpora], and the guidelines here are written as a supplement to the Penn guidelines, so look at Beatrice Santorini's [ guidelines] for further information.


Go to the [[download|download page]] to [[download]] the corpus. The corpus is released under a free and open source license (LGPL) and there is no registration wall. The current release is version 0.1 which is a preview release of about 31.000 words. We recommend use of released versions to ensure that results can be replicated but between releases you can watch the development at [ Github].

==Annotation guidelines==
*[[Phrase Types]] 
*[[Head Types]] 
*[[Treatment of individual words]]
*[[Empty categories]]
*[[Splitting and joining words]]

'''Search PPCME/PPCEME documentation''' (
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For the version 0.1 preview release of July 1st 2010.

Wallenberg, Joel C., Anton Karl Ingason, Einar Freyr Sigurðsson and Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson. 2010. 
Icelandic Parsed Historical Corpus (IcePaHC). 
Version 0.1.

==General information==
*[[Icelandic Syntax Phenomena]]
*[[Syntactic definitions]]
*[[Málfræðiheiti|English-Icelandic Translations of Linguistic Terminology]]

'''Annotation team stuff:'''
*Annotation [[Issues]] ...
*[[Annotation Process]]
*[ MediaWiki Formatting Guide]

*[[Icelandic Resources]] for doing Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing
*[[Treebank Resources]] (language independent)
*[[Penn Parsed Corpora of Historical English]]
*[[Parsed Corpora]] for other languages

'''Treebank team:'''
*[ Joel Wallenberg] (PI) (
*[ Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson] (PI) (
*[ Anton Karl Ingason] (
*[ Einar Freyr Sigurðsson] (
*Brynhildur Stefánsdóttir (BA research assistant)
*Hulda Óladóttir (BA research assistant)


The project is funded in part by the following grants:

* From the '''Icelandic Research Fund (RANNÍS)''', grant nr. 090662011, '''[ Viable Language Technology beyond English – Icelandic as a test case]'''.
* From the '''U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) International Research Fellowship Program (IRFP)''', grant '''#OISE-0853114, Evolution of Language Systems: a comparative study of grammatical change in Icelandic and English'''</rev>